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Are you leaving money on the table?

Your legacy credit card system may be costing you money if:
  • It cannot be reprogrammed to eliminate or dramatically reduce your credit card processing fees.
  • It will not allow you to accept payments from any device at any location.
  • It does not automatically build a client database.
  • It cannot offer a digital receipt.
  • It cannot include a promotion on a digital receipt.
  • It cannot record a custom review to help prevent a bad review on Google or Yelp.
  • It cannot allow you to reach out to a customers and stay top-of-mind.
  • It cannot send your customer a secure payment link via text or email.
  • It cannot convert a large payment into smaller, more affordable payment(s) (Think LayAway Program).
  • It cannot send monthly promotional offers to customers.
  • It cannot send seasonal holiday specials.
  • It cannot send birthdays and anniversary wishes to keep your business top-of-mind with customers.
  • It severely restricts your access to data that can help you run your business more effectively.

Reduces Expenses and  Increases Revenues.  

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Credit Card Systems

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Merchant services is one of
Your largest expenses, pick
the right partner.
  1. No contract or early termination fee, ever.
  2. Next Day Availability of funds.
  3. No annual rate increases, ever.
  4. Local customer service representative who
    you can reach via cell phone, always.
  5. PCI Compliance from date of install, always.
  6. Fair and affordable pricing from day one.
  7. Fairly priced hardware, no more unfair
    leases or expensive terminals.

  Point Of Sale Systems

Image of a fictitious business system
Point-Of-Sale Can Be A Large Investment That's True. Perhaps, More Importantly Is
Getting The Right System Installed To Make Running Your Restaurant The Dream You Knew It Could Be.
  1. By Far the most important feature of any pos system
    is the support. Do your homework, make sure the support is there when you need it.
  2. Most POS Systems Are similar in form and function
  3. Be sure your representative will be there for you, you have his cell # and he picks up.
  4. pOS Systems can make your life easier or harder depending on your support, then your rep, then the
  5. we have several solutions and john, our POS Coordinator Is an amazing man. you are in good hands.
  6. We Represent Several Top Brand POS Systems. we'll help you choose depending on your specific needs.
  7. I am just a quick call or text away. let's schedule a time to meet and review your POS System Needs.

BNPL Loans / Easy Terms Financing

Image of a hand holding a LOANS Sign
Offering more payment options,
to consumers, leads to more
sales and higher sales amounts.
Some call it By Now Pay Later.
I call it serving your customers
The application takes barely a
minute, the responses are just this side of instant.
Your customer will get multiple
offers, Quickly, and start shopping Immediately for the items they can now easily afford.

Learn more today,
sell more tomorrow.
  1. Three out of four consumers (77%) making a major purchase always seek financing
  2. Nearly half of consumers that use financing say they would not have made the purchase if financing was not available
  3. Seventy-percent (70%) of consumers that use financing say they search for businesses that offer financing before making contact with the business
  4. you can capture a whole new, large base of clients, without changing much of what you do. by turning
    their large investment into a manageable monthly payment.
So, what does that mean?
Offer financing for your customers and make it a focal
Turn your High ticket sale into a monthly payment.
for your client instead of a bulk outlay or A $3,000 sale let it
become a manageable payment of $94 per month.

cutting costs

Reduce/Eliminate fees

Valor Terminal With Receipt Options
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So how in the world can a new credit card system make me the most profitable business owner in my town?

It's easy really. But we may have over simplified things a bit. Have a look for yourself.

Did you know credit card fees started at around 7%? Primarily because of the manual nature of the process. Today they are at 2 1/2 to 3%. It was technology that allowed this to happen. From hand written vouchers, to knuckle busters to the 1st electronic credit card terminal.. As payments became less costly, the price dropped to less than half over the years.

Today we have the technology to reduce your fees to zero. Increasing profits dramatically.

Let's put a number to your fees, let's say you pay $1,000 per month in credit card fees.

What would it mean to you if you were able to keep that $1,000 every month until you retire?

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costs Rise Also prices

Image representing the increasing costs due to the economy.

Business owners regularly raise their prices to keep up with things like COGS, fuel, overhead, etc. and all customers pay the higher prices.

Recently, because of the 2 1/2 to 3% fee charged to process credit cards many businesses are raising their prices to cover this cost separately.

This is not ideal for 2 reasons:

First - All customers are paying the higher price. In this scenario there is no way to differentiate those who pay with a credit card and those who pay with cash.

Second - You are still paying the 2 1/2 to 3 percent in fees.

This is unnecessary and is costing you dearly in lost profits. That $1,000/Mo we mentioned?

Historically most payment processors raise their fees starting about the 3rd month.

Our policy and practice is to never raise your fees, ever. From the day you are approved.
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A Better Solution

Image of a lightbulb representing a good idea "A Better Solution"

Give your customers a choice: pay with cash or pay with a card.

Package the transaction like your Grandpa would have, offering customers a discount for cash. All others pay retail.

With this approach, we eliminate your credit card fees.

Let's say you are paying $1,000/Mo. in fees.

That works out to $12,000/Year, right?

Now, let's take this example one step further.

Let's assume you will work in your business another 10 years.

By multiplying $12,000 X 10 we get $120,000 redirected directly to your bank account instead of the credit card company.

How about that, you increased your profits, and all you did is make a small shift in how you process credit cards.
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Traditional Pricing

Image representing credit card pricing using Visa and Mastercard and American Express Credit Cards

If you prefer to continue to pay for the fees we offer that as well.

In fact, we are very good at our work, and are able to save business owners an average of 20% - 30% on their current fees.

This is a significant considering every penny counts.

Flat Rate Processing is very popular among a lot of business owners because you can easily calculate your approximate expenses each month.

Interchange Plus is a bit more complicated but will save you the most money. IC+, as it is referred to, generates those complicated merchant statements that I am happy to explain to you if necessary.

Tiered Pricing is traditional payments processing and if you have a good agent who is looking out for your best interest you can save money on this program

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increasing revenues

delighted customers

Image representing happy customers

Tracking results from our newer Dual Pricing Model we discovered that it wasn't just the money customers could save that excited them. It was that they had a choice. Customers really appreciate being able to show up with cash and get a discount.

Of course business owners are the big winners here. They have very happy customers and you have already raised your prices to cover all kinds of costs including payment processing. Now let's get rid of your fees.

Successful businesses that are paying 2 1/2 to 3 percent of revenue to the credit card companies always have those fees in the back of their mind. Goodness knows we don't want that topic of conversation to come up... Until now.

Let's put these fees front and center now that we have a solution. With just a small change in how you process credit cards you can eliminate almost all credit card processing fees.

Determining your savings is easy. Simply take your current fees, multiply them by 12 and then multiply that number by the number of years you expect to work. You probably should be sitting down, lol..
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New tech more business

Image representing modern technology of new credit card systems
Because new, cloud based credit card systems let you automatically build a data base of customers you can market to in the future.

Not only that, but you can offer a promotion on their digital receipt, that could have your customer leaving your business with an extra product they had not planned on buying. Increased average ticket is one way to drive revenue. The key is knowing what your customers need. Piece of cake, right?

Reach Out To Customers For Several Reasons

First - Get to know them even better than you do now. Ask them when there birthday is and if they are married their wifes birthday and their anniversary date. Be prepared for a bit of a shock. Most owners don't take the time to ask about them in this way.

Second - Start sending your monthly promotions once you have several customers in your data base. Also, Holiday Specials are a great reason to reach out.

Third - Be sure to put your new credit card system on auto pilot. All promotions and Happy Birthdays can be pre-created and automated to send on the day you choose.

The goal here is to add a 13th month of income in the very first year. What do you think about that?
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More Time For You

Image representing "More Time To Enjoy Yourself" away from your business. Picture of the beach and a hammock
With technology comes flexibility not just running your business at work but being able to step away and keep tabs.

You can process any transaction from any device regardless of where you are. Even overseas. At the same time you can simply "check in" and see how the team is doing without you. You might be pleasantly surprised how well your training has paid off.

With time, and if you are not yet, an absentee owner, you may find being able to step away a real blessing

You can even trouble shoot when away if it has anything to do with credit card processing. So many examples, if you have questions please write them down, I will be happy to answer them all when we talk.

Of course you will probably want to get to know your new system and learn all its powerful features that make saving money and growing revenues a breeze from a single platform.

That's where I come in. Your local service representative and I will take you from A to Z with your new system. If you need real horsepower in the form of a Point-Of-Sale terminal(s) we will be realying heavily on the manufacture and it's tech support dept. Don't worry I will be there with you until you don't need me. Then I will be just a phone call or text away

As you get to know your new system you might come to wonder why you did't look into this sooner?
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Let's Talk Features

Image of Valor Paytech Equipment Set Up For Dual Pricing
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When you invest in a cloud based system you are investing in the latest technology available at the moment. The key is to work with a local agent who can make sure that the equipment you invest in isn't going to sunset anytime soon requiring you to re-invest.

Today's cloud based platforms offer similar solutions to each other. Some are simpler than others. Valor Paytech systems stand out above the rest in form and function. Add to that local 24/7 support and you have a game changing credit card system in your corner.

Valor Paytech is a powerful platform that let's you process on any device, even your phone from the internet or their mobile app.

It makes running your business simpler than ever before because you are not "On A Leash" having to be next to your POS system or terminal to get work done. Ever spent hours doing tip adjusts. What? You still do? lol. Let's fix that right away.

And everything is secure and convenient as well. I have additional information below dedicated to the lengths Valor Paytech goes to to ensure secure, safe transactions.

All aspects of Valor Paytech are simple to learn and you can learn them very quickly. POS Systems are very powerful, because these incredible systems and the features they offer are extensive, there can be quite a bit to learn. Again, don't worry you have a local rep by your side 24/7

So, if your ready click on the "Let's Get Started" button to schedule your personal consultation. In person or via zoom.
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Is Your System Easy To Use?

Valor Image Of Available Equipment

Simple and Easy Is Best. Process and manage payments from any device anywhere in the world.

Whether you are a brick and mortar business with a terminal, or an online store, or have the need to send customers and other businesses an invoice. You can do it from any device, Credit Card Terminal, Desk Top, Lap Top, Tablet or Cell Phone. You can process payments and you can track your payments, in real time.

As your local representative I am only a phone call or text away. I will fully train you and your staff on how to use your new system and help you develop a plan to reach out to existing customers when the time is right. We will spend some time creating your digital receipt ads to help drive that bit of extra revenue from each paying customer. Then I will stop in from time to time just to be sure your new system is running smoothly and meeting your expectations. I am happy to answer questions anytime, day or night so please reach out.
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How About Reliability?

Good 'Ol Reliable Chevy
Both our Point-Of-Sale and the Valor Paytech Equipment I recommend have excellent reliability track records. Just as important as the reliability of the equipment is the reliability of the person (Me) representing my company to yours. With any Point-Of-Sale (POS)  equipment the support is the most important feature you are buying. Regardless of what features are available on the POS, if you can't make it work at 1:00 am when you start charging all the tabs in your bar it won't matter what features it has because you can't access them. With Valor Paytech seldom will you have an issue. In either case you have local support 24/7 and we have technical support available 24/7 as well. You are in good hands.

Here are some important things to consider when deciding on the person and company you choose to do business with:

1) Modern Solutions: We offer cutting-edge credit & debit card processing solutions at a significant discount compared to our corporate competitors.

2) Cost Savings: We offer a 100% guarantee that we can save your business money on your monthly & annual processing fees; on average, our merchants are saving between 20 – 30% annually.

3) Industry Experience: Recognizing the unique needs of every industry, we offer a fully personalized, local approach to Merchant Services.

4) No Rate Increases: We are the only company in the country that guarantees no rate increases for the life of the account. This is important as other processors increase their rates every three to six months; though nominal at first, this significantly adds up over time!

5) No Contracts: We firmly believe that a merchant should process with us because they truly want to, not because they are forced to. As such, we operate entirely in a no-contract environment. Our merchants, not being faced with early termination fees or stipulations, can leave at any point in time, though we hope this is never the case!

6) Local Support: Finally, we believe in Merchant Services Done Right. With us, you will come to expect an entirely new level of customer service. No more push-button routines and long wait times to get hold of a representative… You get my cell phone number, and I am by your side 24/7!
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Multiple Payment Options

Good 'Ol Reliable Chevy
Process payment from any device. A terminal, A lap-top, Desk Top, Mobile Phone Online Or On The App.Your customers have the flexibility to swipe, insert, or tap their cards. They can also pay with Google Pay or Apple Pay, and they can instantly receive invoices via text or email. Customers can also make online payments on your website. Thanks to our robust Valor Vault, returning customers will find their card ready for a frictionless checkout experience during their next purchase. We're dedicated to providing seamless omnichannel experiences that not only meets but exceeds customer expectations.

If you are in the market for a more robust solution like a POS System. We will custom fit one of our many solutions to your specific needs. This will require about 1/2 an hour to an hour of your time to review all your needs and those you perhaps haven't thought about that I can help you with. If your going to make the investment you might as well make it count, right.
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Buy Now Pay Later - BNPL

Good 'Ol Reliable Chevy
Did you know that even people with means and available cash prefer to use other peoples money when, it's avaialable, for making large purchases? Of course when your customer's need their car fixed and it's over their budget, you have a solution that can make your customers day. Offer them Prime to Sub-Prime loans at affordable rates. Qualify more of your cusotmers who want to put there large expense on time payments. Some call it By Now Pay Later. I call it serving your customers. The application takes less than a minute and the responses are just this side of instant. Your customer will get multiple offers from some of our dozens of lenders wanting their business. Learn more today, sell more tomorrow.
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In Summary

Merchant services is one of the largest expenses faced by most businesses. Start doing merchant services the right way.

1.) No contract or early termination fee, ever.
2.) No annual rate increases, ever.
3.) Local customer service representative who you can reach via cell phone, always.
4.) PCI Compliance, always.
5.) Fair and affordable pricing from day one.
6.) Next Day Availability of funds.
7.) Fairly priced hardware, no more unfair leases or expensive terminals.

Save Money: Do It Your Way, New Technology Could Mean $0 Credit Card Fees, Or Go Old School And Use Traditional Processing Still Saving 20% - 30% On Average. What would an extra $1,000/Mo. mean to you?

Ease Of Use:  Accept & Track Payments From Any Device Anywhere In The World.  

Reliable Systems and Support: Valor Has An Incredible Track Record Of Reliability. Our Customer Support is 24/7.

Multiple Payment Options: In Person, On-line, Mobile Online, Mobile App, Secure Payment Link Via Text Or Email,  All From A Single Platform And A Single Merchant Account. Even loans for larger ticket or unexpected expenses. Approve most applicants with plans from prime to sub-prime borrowers starting at 4.99%.

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